About us

Bluebell Fragrances & Flavors is a fragrances & flavors manufacturing company. It was established by Mr. Jatin Gupta, with the sole aim of providing one stop solutions for world class perfumery. Over the last few years we have catapulted ourselves to be a great supplier of fragrances & flavors across the lengths and breadths of India. Our dedication, zest, hard work and professionalism are the reasons for numerous completely satisfied customers.
The jewels in our crown are the Fragrances & Flavors designed for Household products, Cosmetic & Personal care products, Industrial perfumery, Confectionary, Bakery, Beverages and Tobacco products etc.


We are incredibly passionate about our work and we receive great joy in creating products to nurture our customers’ wellness. We strive to deliver the highest quality of all our products. We provides the world of fragrances with Creativity, Passion, Simplicity, Freshness, Imagination, Realism and Naturalness.


For Bluebell Fragrances & Flavors, quality is “First, Last and Forever”, and probably that is the reason why we don’t hesitate to walk an extra mile, just to quench our thirst for quality assurance. Equipped with an advanced, state of the art quality control systems, we at Bluebell Fragrances & Flavors carry out qualitative analysis and tests on internationally quality certified products, for our own confirmation, and satisfaction.


Our Creative abilities result in the best fragrances adopted to the great variety of products for which they are intended..Household Products, Personal Care Products, Fine Perfumery, Smoking Products, Tobacco products, Beverages etc.

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